Catch Me If You Can

A Princess Protection Program Retelling

Krissy V

Beast by any other Name

A Beauty and The Beast Retelling

Logan Fox

Innocence Lost

A Peter Pan Retelling

Taylor Porter

Captured in Underland

An Alice In Wonderland Retelling

Saving Reli

A Cinderella retelling

Isabel Lucero

Brooke Summers


A Lion King Retelling

Raven Amor


A Robin Hood Retelling

Anna Edwards

Prince Of Ruin

An Aladdin Retelling

Gemini Jensen

The Council of Seven

A Snow White Retelling

Alice La Roux


A Sleeping Beauty Retelling

Samantha Fontien

In Too Deep

A Lady and The Tramp Retelling

Karen Frances

Bound Obsession

A Tangled Retelling

Sean Azinsalt

The Princess and the Capo

A Fox and the Hound Retelling

P.T. Macias

Web Of Rejection

A Maleficent Retelling

Leah Negron

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